quick thanks

Hey guys,
Just wanted to say a very quick thank you for the few comments i've recieved. I'm a true believer in quality not quantity so even though the comments are scarce they mean so much to me because of the nice words you all have. Though I am not doing this blog strictly for comments its nice to get feed back from you guys and hear your thoughts as well. And also thank you for inspiring me and posting such lovely things up. It's because of you that the "hold on i'm just going to check my blog really quick" turns into "what? it's dinner time? ok just 10 more minutes!" You all are truly amazing and gifted as far as i can see. I predict you guys all have long successful artistic futures. Ok, that's all.


I'm re decorating my room tuesday! I'm so excited! And i get my USB cord at the end of December so then i can upload all of my tooonnnnns of pics on here. =)



"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint" (Isaiah 40:31).


Just saw Slumdog Millionaire...
I'm changed.

not quite a redhead

But good enough!


i've never ever ever everrr been so touched and impressed with a painting that made me want to get 4 jobs to get an apartment to put the paintings in! This artist is A-MAZING! I don't know if they're old news or not all i know i that i just discovered and am now a believer.


there will be blood


Kenzo Spring '09

I'm happy

I just made benet's with powder sugar.

now im watching my puppy(7 years old but will always be a puppy to me) fall asleep while i watch house with my mom.

p.s. that's not my dog but looks like it. i dont have a camera at the moment... :(

so cute


Great blog

can't wait to leave

My life at home consists of me staying indoors 85% of time. I might go get coffee, or chinese or groceries. But since i'm homeschooled i have often spent days and days without stepping outside. which is why i love it when my mom gets the text that she is expected somewhere. No, not because i get to throw radical parties dude. But because i get to go with her. We've been to most US states i just cant wait to go abroad; Germany, Australia, Japan (Yes those are on the list) In the meantime i'm stuck here studying and waiting for the mail to bring me my camera. Then i can start to post my own work on here :)