hey you guys

What are your new years resolutions?

photo courtesty of the AMAZING mrs french
Mine is to break free.
(And to wear more dresses)


I want to wear this new years


Ahhhh! There is a very high possibility I will be going to the Inauguration! I might be working as an intern for my mom's friend. This is beyond exciting. That, and I might be working for my mom's other friend who directs some episodes of Hannah Montana. I'm not a fan but to say my first job ever was working for Disney would be pretty O.K with me.

I want to go to Washington DC so bad. My Godfather lives there and I want to meet my new little god sister who just turned one. I'm an only child so that would be exciting!

Now I'm going to go wash all the charcoal from my hands and go do a victory dance!!!


it's called stippling. I just sat in my room for 3 hours and dotted this man whistling with calligraphic ink.









Here's a sneak peak from my etsy shop

(Would you trade your soul for gold) brass hoops
(proof that my mom was cool) vintage 80's sunglasses. :p

:::::: I'll also be selling dresses, sweaters, pottery items like flower pots, candle holders and jewelery boxes.



Ok that's all!

Corbet and Mesquida

So why do we go through all of this again?

Your eyes are flutterin’ Such pretty wings.

It takes fightin’ day

and nightto make

such a good

thing die.

A moth, flyin’ into the

Same old flame again

It never ends.




These pictures are so so so beautiful and also happen to be my favorite hollywood couple :) They are so charming aren't they?

Blessed this Saturday Morning.

It's Over Now


no more cloudy days
they are gone away
i feel like i can make it
the storm is over now
I could really fill all of these
cups with stories.......

I have no more sadness and
tears, sorrow, heartache
and pain..................

And If i walk alone
I'm not on my own
I feel like I can make
the storm is over now.....

I'm so happy that there's
no more sickness in my body!...... :)

(none of these pics are mine..theyre from various flickr accounts)

today is a good day

I will now post my own photography unless otherwise noted. And my etsy account will be up by next week!!! So stay tuned.

8 <---That's a snowman

I'm hoping you're all having a wonderful holiday :)

coldest winter

On lonley nights i start to fade
Her loves a thousand miles away

Goodbye my friend Will i ever love again?

If spring can take the snow away
Can it melt away all our mistakes?
Memories made in the coldest winter
I won't ever love again, never again.


We’ll be swimming in the sea
Of wisdom and serenity

I wanna ride on a white horse

I want to ride on a white horse


I cannot tell you how many boston baked beans i've eaten. I've just been sitting here popping bean after bean into my mouth, sipping green tea and laying on my messy bed. Here are some of the thoughts that have scanned my mind in the past few moments:

  • I'm really glad that I quit smoking so that i can grow old and become a senior citizen that does yoga class and pottery.

  • I wonder if I'll be finantially set when I'm on my own next year.

  • I hope that the people in my life realize how much they mean to me.

  • I can't believe that I'm alive...me...Lorren...a real live person...alive in this world, universe, existance! Gives me chills

tigermilk and cookies

Do any of you have experience with polaroid SX-70 's? I've been interested in them for a while now and am completely sold. I want one for the holidays. Where do you reccomend getting them? how much was yours and out of 5 stars what would you rate the picture quality and all? Lately I've just been checking ebay and amazon but I want peoples input. Thanks and happy holidays everyone! merry christmas!!!