I cannot tell you how many boston baked beans i've eaten. I've just been sitting here popping bean after bean into my mouth, sipping green tea and laying on my messy bed. Here are some of the thoughts that have scanned my mind in the past few moments:

  • I'm really glad that I quit smoking so that i can grow old and become a senior citizen that does yoga class and pottery.

  • I wonder if I'll be finantially set when I'm on my own next year.

  • I hope that the people in my life realize how much they mean to me.

  • I can't believe that I'm alive...me...Lorren...a real live person...alive in this world, universe, existance! Gives me chills


him said...

ta, mademoiselle

j'adore heinz (organic) baked beans..yes yes they r available in nparis

Anonymous said...

aww you're going to be such a cute old lady!

MR style said...

wow the two last shots are so dreamy and perfect