today consisted of
jasmine ricenapping

and trippy acid dreams.


lertsis said...

you took all these photos by yourself?

I love the lighting!!

ps. i can have the "this way is not so snowy" printed out for you if you'd like :)

tigermilk said...

nonono shoot! thanks for reminding me to post the flickr link! my own photography is coming as soon as my usb cord comes.

tigermilk said...
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lertsis said...

ill come back and check out your photograph!!

and about the print, i have an etsy shop, have you ever bought from etsy before?
normally, the print would be around a4size : 15usd

let me know!

lertsis said...

i haven't listed this print in my shop yet but ill do it for you once you tell me you want it!

the print would be 15usd each, a4 size, 350grams canon canvas paper, printed by canon pro9000

let me know!!

Kaio said...

Hi there,
Nice blog
And I loved the photo os those 2 cats!
Have a great week then.
Cheers from London!

S.Elisabeth said...

Did you tkae these photos yourself?! I'm infatuated... especially with the bird picture, second to last...


Camille said...

Beautiful photos, so dreamy and trippy... makes me sleepy. Haha

Ausrine said...

aw I love these photos.


shimu's holiday said...

I really like those photos:D