it's called stippling. I just sat in my room for 3 hours and dotted this man whistling with calligraphic ink.









Here's a sneak peak from my etsy shop

(Would you trade your soul for gold) brass hoops
(proof that my mom was cool) vintage 80's sunglasses. :p

:::::: I'll also be selling dresses, sweaters, pottery items like flower pots, candle holders and jewelery boxes.



Ok that's all!


mermaid said...

beautiful artwork!

Mi Guapa Fresa said...

WAUWAUWAU! I´ve never visited your blog and now when I did it, I promise that I´ll be back! ( I wrote 4 times I in one scentense... (wau?!))
Any way: waht I want to say is that I love this blog and it´s going on my "must.read.blogs"-list in my blog. And Merry Xmas!

Elisa said...

amazing pieces!

LoveMore said...

love the dot work! you are clever miss :) LM