new kid on the block

Hi everyone! Nice of you to come. I'd like to think of this as more of a virtual diary rather than a blog. "blogging" seems so hip and pseudo-intellectual-type which once you will come to realize, is not really me, at all. I was born and raised in a desert in California, only child of a single strong woman whose traits have thankfully robbed off on me. I left school my senior year of high school which is a bit bizarre I'm told but now i get to travel the world with my mom which i love. I'm terrible at keeping in touch with family and friends I don't see on a daily basis but I'm working at it.I am working on becoming a better friend, daughter, student,person.

I cannot wait to see where life will take me

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allaboutvintage said...

hi!! i sold VINTAGE earrings, they have been purchased in local markets of PARIS,BARCELONA, MADRID..and ITALY each piece that i bought has a small story. so delightful for fans of vintage and unique pieces.....

good luck with your new blog!!