I''ve decided to photograph and list a few of my favorite things inside my room::::::::
1. My favorite sent in the whole world/room fragrance.
i spray it on my linen before i go to sleep and get nice dreams
2. Two of my favorite shoulder bags.
I took them to school everyday and as
a result they're zippers are all jacked
up from me jamming notebooks and
things that don't belong inside.

3. My Beck Record. It was the first
Record I ever got.. I thought i was
so cool haha :) Great music though

"..I prayed heaven today
Would bring its hammer down on me
And pound you out of my head I can't
think with you in it.."



4. My bed! it is so comfy and never

made up but is seriously my sanctuary.




5. My candles! almost always lit.

i seriously get new ones every month.


adele said...

i love room posts! :D
your room looks lovely. nice post.

Rosanna said...

this gives me an idea! i'd love to do a post like this in the future :)


Emily Rose said...

Your blog is beautiful!

By the way, it's so interesting you spray rose stuff on your bed.. the smell of roses has been proven to help women have better dreams!